Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Unaloto Knows the Way in Cross Country

Unaloto gives you the low down on team 3 cross country.


pesroom10 said...

Hi Unaloto,
What a great piece of writing. Did you enjoy cross country?

Miss Lavakula

Dream Team Supreme said...

i loved your story that you tolled us

Tina Room 13 said...

Hi Unaloto,
What a graet story about
cross country.
What did you come in
the real cross country?
Did you get really hot and sweaty?
From Tina.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Miss Lavakula for leaving a comment. From Unaloto

Pt England Scribes said...

Thank you for watching our blog Tina. I came 8th. I was a little bit sweaty. From Unaloto