Monday, September 8, 2008

Room 11 Cross Country Champions

When I was running I got puffed out. I felt proud of myself because I came second in the 8 year old boys and made it into the interzone. Starford

When I was running I was puffing. At first I was coming third but the people in front of me got very tired because they were sprinting at the start. At the end of the race I was very proud because I came first in the 7 year old girls. Litia

I was running down past the Pt England Reserve. I was getting puffed out. I came third in the 7 year old boys. When I was coming to the finish line I felt excited. Gabriel

I came third in the 8 year old boys. It took hard work. I ran in the mud and I got really dirty feet. Potaua


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Wow, what a lot of Champions you have in Room 11. Well done all of you I thought you were awesome! I am glad to read that you are all so proud of yourselves, and so you should be. What a fantastic effort all that hard training certainly paid off.
Keep up the fitness work.

Mrs Nua

Mrs Burt said...

Great writing Room 11. I really enjoyed reading your stories. Keep publishing them for us to enjoy.
Mrs Burt

Shyarn said...

Hey Room11, There are a lot of champions in your class!!! You guys must be really proud of your selves for coming for whatever you guys come!!!!

Shyarn room17