Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How does anger make you feel?

Well, here's a poem about anger written by Crusader. This is what anger reminds him of...

If you want to write your own sense poem just follow this format.

What colour is your emotion?
__________is __________like___________
What does it sound like?

It sounds like___________________

What does it taste like?

It tastes like_____________________

What does it smell like?

It smells like_____________________

What does it look like?

It looks_________________________

What does it feel like?
It feels like______________________
What does it remind you of?

It reminds of____________________

If you're really creative you could change the format or add more to it.


Shyarn said...

Hey Crusader, You are so right about your anger!! thats what happens to me sometimes I like to say what anger looks like, Smells like!!!!

Shyarn R17

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Hi Crusader
You have used some interesting words to decribe anger. Well done. I liked the way you were so confident reading your poem to the camera. Good job! Keep up the great poem writing. Maybe you could write one now about the opposite of anger!?
Mrs Nua

Mrs. She ( Rm 5 PES ) said...

Hi Crusader !
I really like the way you described about anger. It's so good to know that you are doing so well in Year 3 and your writing continues to shine ! Well done !

Best of luck from,
Mrs. She

Mrs. She said...

Hi Crusader !
I really like your Poem about anger ! I think you got just the right words to describe it. Well done ! It's good to know that you have kept up your good work.

Love from,
Mrs. She

pesroom10 said...

You are very clever Crusader! Did you find it hard to come with your ideas about anger? Great poem writing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crusader thats how I feel somtimes.I always get angry with my brother.I bet you do aswell. From Litia

Anonymous said...

Wow Crusader
Loveing you'r story about anger.Sometimes i get angry and like a volcano.I have seen you so angry you have been writing really well.I hpoe to hear from you again

From Kathleen.Room18

jenny said...

Hey Crusader
You have described anger really well.
Is it OK with you if I show it to my EQ group. We are working with some little kids and I think it will be good for them to get them to have a talk about what you are saying.

Mrs Sinclair

Pt England Scribes said...

Hi Mrs Sinclair, yes you can show my poem to your group.

From Crusader