Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rangitoto Island

We've been learning about volcanoes. Here is a report we wrote as a class.

Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island is a volcanic island near Auckland city.

Rangitoto Island is 5.5 kilometres wide and is a well-known Auckland landmark.

Rangitoto is a symmetrical shield volcano cone rising 260 metres from the sea. A shield cone volcano is a volcano made up of basalt rich lava, which is thin and runny and spreads a long way from the vent. This makes an island shape that has long gentle slopes. It is also Auckland's newest volcano, it was formed between 600 and 700 years ago. Rangitoto is Maori for Bloody Sky.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What can you see?

The volcanologist is measuring the temperture of the lava. The lava's temperture must be 5000 degrees or more! The volcanologist is taking the temperture with a pole.

Mikaiah and Wakatere

The Volcanologist is measuring how hot the lava is. He has special clothing on so he doesn't get burnt. He has a long pole that looks bent. It looks hot and it looks dangerous but the lava isn't burning the man.

Lukis and Andee

The volcanologist is measuring the temperture if the hot flaming lava with a long pole, at the end of the pole is a probe. The volcanologist is wearing protective clothing like gloves, shoes, a jacket and goggles so he doesn't get burnt. Analysing lava looks dangerous and volcanolgists study volcanoes.

Anamei and Taeshell

He is wearing protective clothing. The volcanologist is using a long pole to measure the lava. It's a dangerous job!

Kyal, Mosa, Kori, Shanika, Efilona and Flora

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Active Earth

In Room 11 we are learning to write more complex sentences by using interesting words. Here are some of our sentences about a volcano we were looking at.

The volcano is exploding hot steaming lava in the dark night sky. There is a river of lava on the side of the volcano.
By Mikaiah and Wakatere

Hot melted rock spewed out of the volcano and it was buring. The melted rock looked like fireworks.
By Evan and James

The volcano erupted voilently and the colour of the lava was red, orange and yellow. When the lava spew out of the volcano it looks like fireworks exploding in the dark night sky. The crater is the place where the lava spews out of and it falls all the way down the mountain.
By Taeshell and Anamei

Imagine if you were so close to a volcanic eruption your shoes would melt, in fact you might melt! Have you ever seen a volcano spewing out lava that looks like fireworks. Just to know that lava is orange, yellow and red.
Iisa and Lukis

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Active Earth Acrostic Poem

Volcanic eruptions

Lava flowing

Cloudy ash

All new rocks form

No can leave Iceland

One hundred people could die
By Iisa

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you know Iron Brion?

We do! He came to our school!

Here are some of our thoughts about meeting Iron Brion...

Why did Iron Brion come to our school? So that we know what food that we should eat and that it needs to be healthy food that we eat.
By Timoteo and Francis

Iron Brion came to Pt England on Wednesday to tell us about the healthy food groups. There are four groups of healthy food that we can get iron from. The first on is meat and meat alternatives, the second fruit and vegetables, the third milk and diary products, the fourth is bread and cereals.
By Shalom and Sosaia

On Wednesday we went to see Iron Brion in the hall. Iron Brion told us about healthy foods that have iron in them, like beef and lamb. Iron Brion is a character. He played some games with us, like his favourite game dancing.
By Andee and Lukis

On Wednesday the 5th of may we went to go and see the brillant Iron Brion. Iron Brion told us how to eat healthy food. We has to eat five plus a day, and that's fruit and vegetables. After that we played a game of bogie woogie, it was a good game. We has a yum, yum burger to eat, it had lettuce, tomato and a patty.
By Mele and Josephine

Yesterday Iron Brion came to our school. He came to show us healthy food. He showed us vegetables, cereals, bread, milk, cheese, butter and meat. So our tummy can be healthy. Iron Brion was funny, I liked his jokes.
By Efilona

Iron Brion came to our school to teach us about healthy food. We learnt about fruit and vegetables, milk and diary products, cereals and meat. We have to eat these food because we have to be healthy and strong. I enjoyed it because they were delicious burgers.
By Mosa and Kori

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Active Earth Acrostic Poems

mazing sight


Ash floats

By Chloe

olcanic earth

Lava erupting
No aeroplanes can fly
Once again

By Anamei