Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you know Iron Brion?

We do! He came to our school!

Here are some of our thoughts about meeting Iron Brion...

Why did Iron Brion come to our school? So that we know what food that we should eat and that it needs to be healthy food that we eat.
By Timoteo and Francis

Iron Brion came to Pt England on Wednesday to tell us about the healthy food groups. There are four groups of healthy food that we can get iron from. The first on is meat and meat alternatives, the second fruit and vegetables, the third milk and diary products, the fourth is bread and cereals.
By Shalom and Sosaia

On Wednesday we went to see Iron Brion in the hall. Iron Brion told us about healthy foods that have iron in them, like beef and lamb. Iron Brion is a character. He played some games with us, like his favourite game dancing.
By Andee and Lukis

On Wednesday the 5th of may we went to go and see the brillant Iron Brion. Iron Brion told us how to eat healthy food. We has to eat five plus a day, and that's fruit and vegetables. After that we played a game of bogie woogie, it was a good game. We has a yum, yum burger to eat, it had lettuce, tomato and a patty.
By Mele and Josephine

Yesterday Iron Brion came to our school. He came to show us healthy food. He showed us vegetables, cereals, bread, milk, cheese, butter and meat. So our tummy can be healthy. Iron Brion was funny, I liked his jokes.
By Efilona

Iron Brion came to our school to teach us about healthy food. We learnt about fruit and vegetables, milk and diary products, cereals and meat. We have to eat these food because we have to be healthy and strong. I enjoyed it because they were delicious burgers.
By Mosa and Kori

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tau said...

Hi guys iron brian show you lots of things today it was a very fun time to iron brian at assembly and nice writing to.