Saturday, May 15, 2010

Active Earth

In Room 11 we are learning to write more complex sentences by using interesting words. Here are some of our sentences about a volcano we were looking at.

The volcano is exploding hot steaming lava in the dark night sky. There is a river of lava on the side of the volcano.
By Mikaiah and Wakatere

Hot melted rock spewed out of the volcano and it was buring. The melted rock looked like fireworks.
By Evan and James

The volcano erupted voilently and the colour of the lava was red, orange and yellow. When the lava spew out of the volcano it looks like fireworks exploding in the dark night sky. The crater is the place where the lava spews out of and it falls all the way down the mountain.
By Taeshell and Anamei

Imagine if you were so close to a volcanic eruption your shoes would melt, in fact you might melt! Have you ever seen a volcano spewing out lava that looks like fireworks. Just to know that lava is orange, yellow and red.
Iisa and Lukis

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Finn from Room 8 @ ashhurst School said...

Wow Room 11 those are wicked cool sentences!
Great information and awesome use of words to make complex sentences. Do you know why lava is orange, yellow and red, not pink?