Sunday, May 9, 2010

Active Earth Acrostic Poems

mazing sight


Ash floats

By Chloe

olcanic earth

Lava erupting
No aeroplanes can fly
Once again

By Anamei


Zara and Madeleine said...

Dear Anamei,
Wow! We really like how you used the word volcano and made a poem with it. Also we liked that the sentences went with the word volcano.
From Zara and Madeleine at Grey Lynn School.

Juanita and Charlotte said...

To Anamei,
That is a cool poem you wrote about volcanoes erupting. We like how you told us about how aeroplanes can't fly. Also, we like the other ideas you came up with.
From Juanita and Charlotte at Grey Lynn School.

Elijah said...

To Anamei,
What an amazing acrostic poem! We really like your poem because it is interesting. We thought that using actual facts in your poem made it good.
From Elijah and Queenie.

Nina and Isobel said...

Dear Chloe,
We like your acrostic poem. It is really cool because it has good words like amazing.
From Nina and Isobel at Grey Lynn School.

Josie and Maya said...

To Chloe,
Wow, your acrostic poem is amazing. We think it is interesting too because it has lots of technical words in it.
From Josie and Maya.

Zion said...

Hey Animai and Chloe it was a great poem you did. From Zion

Darius said...

Hi Anamei,
WOW! You are really good at doing acrostic poems. I like the way you used good vocab. I can't wait for your next post to come up on your blog.