Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cross Country

On Wednesday we had cross country. We went to the toilets to get changed into our house colours. We went outside. We went to the courts. We waited for our race to start. We went on the grass. I finished the race and I was happy because I finished the race.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kupe and the Giant Wheke Part 3

Kupe and the Giant Wheke Part 3 as retold by Sarona

Kupe and all the villagers set off to sea to find the wheke. The people were angry because they had no food. They couldn't wait to slice the wheke because the wheke killed and ate all their fish. They travelled for months searching for the wheke. Finally they found it, they also found a land. Kupe's wife called it Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. Kupe got the wheke and sliced it up into pieces. They were very happy. Then they went home. They lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kupe and the Giant Wheke Part 2

Part 2 of our Kupe and the Giant Wheke Story as told by Raeleen

The next morning, Kupe and the fishermen set out to find source of their problem. They lowered their lines, Kupe noticed a slimy substance covering his hook and recognised it belonged to an octopus. Kupe knew that a chief called Muturangi from another village had a pet octapus. Kupe told Muturangi what had been happening at their fishing grounds. He asked Muturangi's is it your pet octopus eating our fish and bait Muturangi said "I don't care." Kupe said "I wil kill your octopus if it does that again, I will kill it!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kupe and the Giant Wheke Part 1

A retelling of Kupe and the Giant Wheke Part one of three written by the Kererus writing group.

Once there was a good man called Kupe. He was a great fisherman. He would fish for his village, he was so good at fishing that his village always had plenty of fish to eat. The people were happy, they would thank Kupe and the other fishermen and says prayers of thanks to Tangaroa. The fish was so delicious!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Te Ika a Maui

In Room 11 we've been learning writing narratives as well as learning to write in paragraphs. We hope you enjoy our retelling of Te Ika a Maui.

Once there was a man named Maui. He was extremely lazy. His wife would be nagging him to look after the kids. So he decided to go fishing with his brothers. So he went to hide in their canoe (his brothers hated taking him fishing as he was always playing tricks on them). The brothers were talking about him, complaining about the trouble he always caused.

He popped out from his hiding place. His brothers were so angry when they saw him. They did not want him in their waka but they were too far out to sea to take him back. So they let him stay. They decided to start fishing . Maui took out his magical hook an punched his nose for bait.

Maui swung his hook into the ocean. He said a prayer to the gods asking for an enormous fish. After a while he felt something heavy tug on his line. It felt really heavy, Maui knew it wasn't a normal fish. Maui called out "Help me brothers, don't just stand there came and help me catch this magical fish!" His brothers came and helped him, they pulled with all their magic powers. Finally they reeled the fish in. They were excited to see it was really a new land they named it Te Ika a Maui.

Paragraph 1 written by Anamei and reworked by the class
Paragraph 2 written by the Kererus writing group
Paragraph 3 written by the Kakarikis writing group

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mighty Mariner Animations

Here are some of the awesome graphics we have drawn as part of our learning about Mighty Mariners topic.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mighty Mariners

Wow! We have been really busy in the last two weeks, we've had immersion activities in week one and visited the Life Education Bus twice as well! We hope you'll come and view our blog in the coming weeks as we're going to have heaps to show you.