Monday, August 9, 2010

Te Ika a Maui

In Room 11 we've been learning writing narratives as well as learning to write in paragraphs. We hope you enjoy our retelling of Te Ika a Maui.

Once there was a man named Maui. He was extremely lazy. His wife would be nagging him to look after the kids. So he decided to go fishing with his brothers. So he went to hide in their canoe (his brothers hated taking him fishing as he was always playing tricks on them). The brothers were talking about him, complaining about the trouble he always caused.

He popped out from his hiding place. His brothers were so angry when they saw him. They did not want him in their waka but they were too far out to sea to take him back. So they let him stay. They decided to start fishing . Maui took out his magical hook an punched his nose for bait.

Maui swung his hook into the ocean. He said a prayer to the gods asking for an enormous fish. After a while he felt something heavy tug on his line. It felt really heavy, Maui knew it wasn't a normal fish. Maui called out "Help me brothers, don't just stand there came and help me catch this magical fish!" His brothers came and helped him, they pulled with all their magic powers. Finally they reeled the fish in. They were excited to see it was really a new land they named it Te Ika a Maui.

Paragraph 1 written by Anamei and reworked by the class
Paragraph 2 written by the Kererus writing group
Paragraph 3 written by the Kakarikis writing group


Zara and Ernie said...

Dear Room 11,
We really liked reading your retelling. We learned about that story last term and we thought it was really cool then, but your story is even better! You did a great job.
From Zara and Ernie in Room 8 at GLS.

Mr. Salsich said...

Dear Pt England Scribes,

I really enjoyed your retelling of the story of "Te Ika a Maui." I have heard of the story before, but your version made it easy to understand for someone who isn't from New Zealand.

I look forward to reading the rest of the story about Kupe and the Giant Wheke!

-Mr. Salsich (3rd grade teacher in Connecticut, USA)