Friday, May 21, 2010

What can you see?

The volcanologist is measuring the temperture of the lava. The lava's temperture must be 5000 degrees or more! The volcanologist is taking the temperture with a pole.

Mikaiah and Wakatere

The Volcanologist is measuring how hot the lava is. He has special clothing on so he doesn't get burnt. He has a long pole that looks bent. It looks hot and it looks dangerous but the lava isn't burning the man.

Lukis and Andee

The volcanologist is measuring the temperture if the hot flaming lava with a long pole, at the end of the pole is a probe. The volcanologist is wearing protective clothing like gloves, shoes, a jacket and goggles so he doesn't get burnt. Analysing lava looks dangerous and volcanolgists study volcanoes.

Anamei and Taeshell

He is wearing protective clothing. The volcanologist is using a long pole to measure the lava. It's a dangerous job!

Kyal, Mosa, Kori, Shanika, Efilona and Flora


Room 10@Pt England School said...

Well done Room 11. Those were some great paragraphs you have all written. We didn't know what the pole was until you all explained it. It must be hard work being a vulcanologist. We look forward to seeing more of your work.

From Room 10@Pt England School

room15 said...

Great description of the picture! We are learning about how volcanoes are formed and why they erupt. It is interesting to find out how we check the temperature of a volcano. It must be so hot that it bends the pole! What is the pole made out of?