Monday, September 1, 2008

Oshania Gives Chase In Cross Country

Oshania shares her cross country dramas.


pesroom10 said...

Well done Oshania. You must be doing some great writing. Do you think the training that you've been doing all term has helped you?

Miss Lavakula

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that comment Miss Lavakula.From Oshania

Litia said...

Hi Oshania,what a great blog.Did you like doing cross country training?

Anonymous said...

Hi Oshania
I love your story that you told about cross country.I can tell you had lots of fun Keep up the good work.To me you are a real champion.

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you for that comment Litia. From Oshania.

Anonymous said...

Wow Oshania great crosscuountry story .you must been doing some great reading their.

Hope i hear from you again.Those runing that you've been doing is hard because i'v been doing some runing and iit is hard.So i hope to hear from you again.