Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day :)

Happy Father's Day! The first Sunday of September is Father's Day in New Zealand. So for Father's Day Room 11 wrote letters to their dads or another special parent to say thank-you for all they do for us.

Here is one Rita wrote to her super dad.

Maybe you could write a letter to say thank-you to your delightful dad, magnificient mum, awesome aunty, understanding uncle, nice nana or great grandad.

Here are few things Room 11 kids thanked their parents for:
  • Caring for us when we're sick
  • Cheering for a us on the sports field
  • Driving us to school
  • Playing with us
  • Paying the bills
  • Cooking us yummy food
  • Buying us treats
  • Helping us do our homework


pesroom10 said...

Hi Rita,
I loved the letter you wrote to your dad. It was really descriptive and you explained why your dad is special to you. Great writing. Keep up the wonderful work.
Miss Lavakula

Mrs. She said...

HI Rita !
It's good to give your dad something special on Faher's Day(like you do. )
I like your writing too.

Mrs. She

Kingston's Dad said...

Hi Rita and Room 11

Rita, I liked listening to your letter to your dad. I am Kingston L's dad. I just want to say thank you very much Kingston for your Father's day letter. Keep up the good work Room 11.

Kingston's Dad.

Pt England Scribes said...

Talofa lava Rita,

You are very, very lucky. I hope your dad liked your letter.

From Brooke and Kingston P

Anonymous said...

Wow Rita
You must be spoiled from you'r own dad.You have a lovely dad.Iwish my dad was like that brote me a bnk bed a sand pit.So i hope to hear from you again.

From Kathleen.Room 18

Shyarn said...

Hi Rita,
The letter that you wrote to your dad was thought well! You must be really special to your dad why he does that kind of stuff with you!!

Shyarn room17