Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Terriffic Taeshell

I am as fast as Wakatere because we were racing to the end of the feild.
I am as quite as a mouse because I can be quiet when the teacher is talking.
I am as crazy as a monkey because I can swing on trees and hang on monkey bars.
I am also brainy because I am as clever as a cheetah because cheetahs can hide in the grass and they can eat other animals.
I am helpful because I help people in Room Eleven.


Miss Walker said...

Hi, What an interesting piece of writing. My favourite line is the one about being like a monkey. That is a great sentence.

tauwhare said...

Hi Teashell I like your writing its so cool I don't even know how to write like you. I wish I know how to do
that Taeshell. But have a good time and see you around school.From Tauwhare.

Tauwhare said...

Hi Taehshell what interesting work you have on your
blog it is great and I really like great writing too. But
I see you around school. From Tauwhare