Friday, February 26, 2010


All about Raeleen

I am as silly as a clown because it does funny things
I am as fast as a cheetah because it runs faster than all of the animals
I am as scary as a ghost because it frightens people
I am as kind as a mum because they help children
I am as happy as a child because they tell me some funny things


MsBee said...

Hi Raeleen from Room 7 in Dunedin! We are learning about similes and yours are so descriptive I thought I would use your poem with a writing group that I am working with tomorrow... I hope that is okay! I will send you the link to their efforts when they are published!

Kia Kaha

Hosannah said...

Hi Leen I really like your poem that you typed and when you grow up you might be a writer I hope mum will be happy of your good work,do your school properly. KEEP IT UP GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!