Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wakatere's Kite

On Wednesday we flew our kites up in the sky. Our kites were twirling. It was a really windy day. We were playing fishing with our kites. Them we ran across the field and my kite was spinning like a tornado. Then we ran back to class and put our kites in the desks.


Isobel and Anetema said...

To Wakatere,
we like your kite because it looks cool. We think you must have had lots of fun.
From Isobel and Anetema in Room 8 at Grey Lynn School.

Mr. Salsich said...

Dear Wakatere,

Nice writing about your kite. My grade three students are making kites in school right now. We will be flying them next week. They are very excited!

What kind of kite did you fly? Did you make it yourself?

Great post!
Mr. Salsich (in Connecticut, USA)

David McDonald said...

I enjoyed your description of your day flying kites. It sounds and looks like you had alot of fun.