Sunday, March 21, 2010


My kite was flying up in the sky like a bird. It was turning like a tornado. It was turning really fast. I looked a like a fisherman. I went on the monkey bars because I wanted it to fly in the sky.

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Miss Walker said...

Hi Evan, What a fantastic kite. I like the way you described how it moved and you really do look like a fisherman.

Miss Lavakula said...

Kia Ora Evan,
I really enjoyed reading your piece of writing because of the way you described what your kite was doing. You have been working hard. Keep it up! Happy Birthday for today too.

Miss Lavakula

Haley Green said...

Hello Evan. I was assigned to look at your blog for my class at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed how descriptive you were! I can imagine exactly what you looked like.

zpf701 said...

Hi, I'm Zachary Fore. I found your blog through Dr. Strange's class, EDM310, at the University of South Alabama. You posted a very descriptive story about your kite. I was very easy to see exactly what your kite was doing while you were flying it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.