Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little Pink Riding Riding Dress

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing? Little Pink Riding Dress does. Can you guess what it could be?



Kaiden said...

Hi Kaycee that's a cool story are you going to karate?
from Kaiden

Melissa Russell's EDM310 Blog said...

Hi Kaycee! I really enjoyed your story of Little Red Riding Hood. Keep up the good work.

Alicia said...

Kaycee. You did a really good job at your story of little Pink Riding dress. I would much rather the pink one than the red one anyday. Keep doing such a good job.

Pam said...

My favorite color is pink and I think this was my favorite story that was told by the students. We are a combination 3,4,5th class in Texas. We are participants in the Blog Challenge and found your blog because it was linked on another of the blog participants. WE are doing the Count out three. We would love to ask you to link our blog to your blogroll and we will link yours to our blog.