Monday, August 31, 2009

Zion and the Three Aliens

Do you know the orginal story? Have a listen to Tyla's story and see if you can guess.


selina said...

Hi, Tyla that was a cool story about Zion and the Three Aliens.That was awesome. I wish that I could make lot of things like that.Well keep the good work up Tyla and one more thing that was great.By Selina in room 16.

Anonymous said...

Aw wow that was awesome!!!!
I so love the way you read, you make it sound so interesting.
That must have taken alot of hard work.
I'll keep a look out for the for the next blog you post out.

Im so proud of you Tyla Baby. . .
Heaps a luv Mum

Kayee said...

Hi,Tyla that was a great story about Zion and the Three Aliens.Keep up the good work.Your friend Kaycee

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyla,it's Jonita!Wow I liked your story.It is more better than The real Goldilocks story!!It was interesting and cool!Keep up the good work!By Jonita.

Tyra said...

Hello Tyla i like your story of Zion and the three Aliens. Keep up the good work from Tyra

Jenna said...

Hey Tyla,
Wow that was really neat how you changed came up with aliens for this story. What made you come up with aliens? That is really creative. I cant wait to hear more of your stories!

University of South Alabama
EDM 310 Dr Stranges Class