Thursday, June 4, 2009

Similes About Me

We've been learning about similes. Similes compare something to something else in order to create an image in the reader's mind, and include the words 'as…' or ' like …'. Similes are often used in poems to emphasize a point. You could write about yourself if you like you just need to brainstorm some ideas about what you are like ( fast, slow, loud, quiet, beautiful, clever, funny, silly or even crazy) and then think about think about things that remind you of that quality. Here is a simile poem written by Kaycee.


Anonymous said...

Tino pai Kaycee.That was a very exallent story you wrote,I think your a bit better than me.i hope you can do more blogs so I can listen to them.I'll take bake what I said about you being a bit better than me I meant your really better than me and I mean it.From Tyla marie

Fatima said...

Hi Kaycee
Well done I really like your poem it was great!
It was awesome because it was loud and clear,
but I couldn't quite hear every word but it was
a great poem!