Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Isara's Alliteration Poem

We've been learning about some of the features of poetry. One of these features is alliteration. Alliteration is the repetition of an initial sound, for example, Isara ate electric eels. You can use alliteration to give your poem a mood or feeling. The mood could be scary, silly, happy almost any, it just depends on what words you choose. Here is a number alliteration poem from Isara. Calvin and Wyatt also have alliteration poems so why not listen to all three!


Rising Stars said...

What a great alliteration poem! That must of been tricky coming up with all those words. I like how you spoke clearly.
From Michael

Folau said...

What a great poem about allertiration about spiders and that it wasnt that good.No expresion and not creative