Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At the Beach

Have you ever been on a flying fox? Isara has! Listen to find out more.


Aunty Kiri said...

Hi Isara! I have just found your room's blog and I love it! I love your story about the beach,
Aunty Kiri

Casey taloa said...

Hi Isara! i really love what have you done.And i love your story about the beach.You have put a lot of efort and time in to it.

Keep it up.

daley said...

Hi Isara you have a good Story about the beach it a very good from Daley

Room 10 Grey Lynn said...

Hi Isara, your story about the beach was very interesting. I like the beach too. From Jordan in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School

Room 9 Grey Lynn School said...

Hi There Isara
Room 9 from Grey lynn here. We like your recount .It sounded like an exciting and busy day

Timoteo said...

Hi Isara I liked your story about
eating pineapptes want did The skin
taste liked in your mouth
From Timoteo

Tyla-Marie said...

that was amazing!!! Did you go to Orakei park because theres a big Fier Fox there with tiers a the end.Ka pai Isara.From Tyla-Marie