Friday, March 13, 2009

Pt England Goes For a Picnic

We went on a Picnic! We went on a Picnic! We went on a Picnic! Need we say more. Just have a listen to Tyla's recount. :)


Going Places said...

Hi Tyla,
I enjoyed reading your recount about our school picnic. It helped me to remember the wonderful day we all had. We are so lucky to have the Reserve and the Tamaki Estuary so close to our school. Not many people have their very own park and beach to use for a school picnic.
Love from Mrs Jarman

room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Tyla,
That was a great story you wrote about the picnic. I'm glad you were happy. Did you sing in the karaoke?

Miss Lavakula and Room 10

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss
Its mum, You really did an awesome job. Im so Proud of you!!!

Heaps a Love

Asena said...

Hi Tyie I like your story about the picnic from Asena.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyla,how are you?You must exsausted from all that hard work that you said and wrote!I love your wonderfull story that was awesome and interesting.By Jonita