Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pieces of Pineapple

Yummy delicious pineapple. Hear all about from Isara.


Maata Hotu said...

Hi Isara.
That was a great story about eating pineapples. Eww yuck, I don't like to eat the skin of the pineapple! Was the skin nice? You must really like pineapple to eat all of it. You are lucky to have a teacher who makes eating pineapples part of your learning. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Grate story Isara.Keep the good work From Raenan.

Darius said...

Hi isara,
I really liked your recount about your pineapple. I like pineappels too.

Ashleigh said...

Hi Isari
I like your recont about pinapples.Pineapples are one of my favourite fruit.Did you like the skin? Keep up the good work from Ashleigh

Brooklyn said...

Hi Isara
That story was mouthwatering.Was the skin nice or not? Eww yuck I woudn't eat the skin.keep upthe good work.

from Brooklyn

roobert said...

Hi isara.I liked your story about eating pineappies.What did the skin taste like.from robert.