Monday, October 20, 2008

Survivor Egg Challenge

Room 11 had an eggscellent egg challenge. They had to create an egg holder out of reusable materials and then drop their egg from a height of 1 metre. Read Darius's recount and find out if his egg protector saved the day or did he leave with egg on his face? One thing's for sure we all had a cracking good time.


samson said...

Hi Daris who's egg cracked? Where did it happen? Did your egg crack or not?
Our class did the egg challenge. We had to get in groups of two. My partner was Kaiden. Me and Kaiden made a hot air balloon.

pesroom10 said...

What a great story!! You had some interesting words like protection and survived. Keep up the great writing.

Dream Team Supreme said...

Hi guys!

It sounds really cool. Do you have any photos of the Eggsperiment?

Anonymous said...

Hey Daris

Loving your story called egg challeng
keep the good work up.

I hope i hear from you again.

From Kathleen.room18

tamakitoday said...

What a shame you didn't take a photograph of the end of the egg-periment. A great recount Daris!

Mr Webb on behalf of Room Six,
Tamaki Intermediate School.

ptenglandscribes said...

Thank you all for posting me a comment. I can't wait to see what you have been up to in your blogs.