Monday, June 28, 2010

Martha Reporting on Cats!

We've been learning to write reports in class and here is a report written by Martha.


Cats are animals they have four legs, claws, a tail, a mouth, a nose, whiskers, two eyes, two ears and fur. Cats have two pointy ears to listen to things coming.
Cats eat meat and cat food. Some cats like catching mice, birds and lizards. Cats like to drink milk and water. Cats like meats like fish, chicken and cat treats. Some cats like eating grass too.
Cats like to do lots of things like running around the house. Sometimes they like climbing very fast. When it is winter some cats like to be in warm places like place where there is a fireplace.


Makerita said...

Hi Martha,
I love cats too but the one time when I hated cats was when I had a srting stuck on to my foot. Then the next thing you know the cat bit my foot and it made a little scar. It hurt. I still do love cats but not everyday. Love the vocab. Keep up the good work.
From Rita.

Nelya Rm2 said...

Hi Martha!
I am a big cat lover too and i enjoied reading your discription about cats.
Keep up the good work.
Nelya room 2

Alana Carpenter said...

Hi Martha I loved your report. It was very informative. You did a great job of researching your topic, picking out newsworthy information, and presenting it to an audience. You would make a great news reporter! Keep learning and sharing what you learn with others.