Monday, July 27, 2009

Esrah's Dinosaur

We've been learning about dinosaurs, we even got to make up our own dinosaurs. Here is report about a dinosaur Esrah made up.


Glen said...

Malo lava Esrah! Very interesting report son. My favourite dinosaur is the triceratops. I like its 3 horns - they remind me of a rhinoceros my favourite animal. It's so good to see you publishing your work and you have obviously enjoyed learning about the late, great "terrible lizards" What fearsome and massive creatures they were!

Room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Esrah,
That was a great report you wrote about a Triceratops. I like the Triceratops but my favourite is the Brontosaurus. Keep up the fantastic work.

Miss Lavakula

Mrs Tuala said...

Hi Esrah,

What an amazing report about your own dinosaur. I really liked the way you have used lots of descriptive words. I think you are a skilled artist, because your graphic of a dinosaur is so detailed.

Keep up the good work Esrah and i can't to see more of your work on your class blog.