Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blowing Bubbles

Room 11 blew bubbles in class. Big bubbles, little bubbles, rainbow bubbles, funny bubbles, popping bubbles, sting your eyes bubbles! Why not listen to Tyla's recount about bubbles.


Jarna said...

Wow Tyla
I like your blog. You know you should
make another little blog.

PS. Tell you teacher that I said
'How are you'.

from Jarna

Anonymous said...

It was intresting from Ashlee

Anonymous said...

I like your story tyla from wyatt

Anonymous said...

Wow Tyla your a really good story writer. I liked your story a lot! Your just cool!
From Jonita

Anonymous said...

so amazing and cool.I think its so lovely
from shayne

Anonymous said...

you should blog another story

Pt England scribes said...

Wow Tyla you should blog for the rest
of your life! Or until you go to university.

from shayne

Anonymous said...

Hi Tyla,hows your holiday,I just came back from miniture golf!I loved your bubble story.Plus rainbow coloured bubbles!From your friend...Jonita!