Sunday, November 2, 2008

Truffula Trees

Room 11 are learning about writing reports. Reports provide information by stating facts and describing a topic.

We learnt that reports have a set format.

That means they have:
  • A title that explains about the topic
  • A general statement explaining if it is a living or non-living thing
  • A description explaining what it looked like, where they are found and how they behave.
  • An evaluation about how you feel about the topic

We also learnt that we must state facts and not our own feelings unless you are writing the evaluation.

So this week we read The Lorax by Dr Suess with Miss Bycroft and then wrote down all the facts we could find about Truffula trees in a brainstorm. If you're wondering what a Truffula tree is here are some facts we took from the book.
  • Truffula trees have long skinny trunks
  • Truffula have tufts softer than silk
  • Truffula trees come in many bright colours
  • Truffula trees grow Truffula fruit
  • Truffula tree smell like fresh butterfly milk
  • Truffula tree fruit is eaten by Bar-ba-loots
  • Truffula tree's give shade to the Bar-ba-loots
  • Truffula tree tufts make tufts for Thneeds
After we found our facts we wrote a short report together.

Truffula Trees
Truffula Tree lived a long time ago. Truffula Tree came in many bright colours. Their trunks are long and thin. They had silky tufts that smell like butterfly milk. They once grew at the far end of town.

We wish there were still Truffula trees, because they looked beautiful.

Here is a illustration of a Truffula tree
by Makayla.


Manaiakalani said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun Room 11. The Lorax is one of my favourite books. I really like Makayla's detailed diagram. I think you covered a lot of facts in your brainstorm. I hope we will see your final reports on this blog. I will be looking out for them.
Mrs Burt said...

I enjoyed your blog about report writing and The Lorax. You seem to have had a fun time learning about report writing. I am learning to write blog comments.

Lyndal Lowans
Botany Downs School

pesteam2 said...

Well done room 11. Report must be tricky but you are doing a great job! I thought a truffula tree grew truffles! Keep up the great work.

Pt England Scribes said...

Thank-you for commenting on our work. We have written a short report on the truffula tree and will publish it soon.